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Thermally responsive cement system

ThermaSTONE thermally responsive cement system.

ThermaSTONE thermally responsive cement system expands and contracts with the high pressures and temperatures encountered in heavy oil and geothermal environments. It is capable of expanding up to 2%—nearly the same as steel casing. This reduces cement sheath stress up to six times more than conventional systems, significantly reducing the risk of failure within the set cement.

Withstand fluctuating pressures and temperatures

ThermaSTONE system provides stability at temperatures up to 662 degF [350 degC]. It is optimized to

  • set at low temperatures
  • have a high coefficient of thermal expansion
  • have low Young’s modulus at steam conditions
  • use standard cementing equipment.

Extended tensile strength

Lab testing at 650 degF [343 degC] showed that the ThermaSTONE system retained tensile strength for more than 6 months whereas the tensile strength of conventional cementing systems decreased over time.

ThermaSTONE Thermally Responsive Cement System
ThermaSTONE cement is made of Portland cement, silica particles, and high-temperature-resistant particles. This cement is optimal for operations in the heavy oil market. Placement of the cement is on the casing string.