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Advanced flexible cement technology

FlexSTONE advanced flexible cement technology.

Optimize zonal isolation for the life of the well

FlexSTONE advanced flexible cement technology represents a fundamental change to oil- and gas-well cementing. This sealant system has mechanical properties that are matched to the downhole stress environment. By enabling the set cement to conform to the changes that occur during the drilling, production, and abandonment cycles of the well, FlexSTONE technology offers lifelong zonal isolation.

Each FlexSTONE technology–enabled slurry is individually designed for a specific well application. First, the stresses that the cement sheath will experience over the well’s life are predicted by numerical analysis modeling. Then, the system’s mechanical properties are customized using the FlexSTONE trimodal particle-size distribution technology to accommodate the predicted stresses.

FlexSTONE HT technology maximizes production in complex wells

Both the temperature and flexibility range have been increased with FlexSTONE HT advanced high-temperature flexible cement technology. Deeper, hotter, and more complex wells can be reliably sealed for life to achieve maximum production from the reservoir.