CemFIT Flex Flexible Cement System | SLB

CemFIT Flex

Flexible cement system

FlexSTONE advanced flexible cement technology.

Maximize cement flexibility for endurance

CemFIT Flex flexible cement system helps ensure long-term zonal integrity with its low Young's modulus across a wide density range. This mechanical property makes the system flexible enough to withstand common cement sheath stresses from operations and downhole events such as perforating, temperature and pressure variations, and drilling.

Simplify design and delivery

The mineral-based CemFIT Flex system is easy to blend and mix using conventional equipment, unlike flexible systems that rely on foaming or elastomeric additives for their flexibility. Designs can also be enhanced with use of the CemSTRESS cement sheath stress analysis software or CEMENTICS zonal isolation software.

For customized or tailored flexible cement solutions requiring extensive confirmation testing and software analysis, FlexSTONE advanced flexible cement technology may be more appropriate.

CemFIT Heal flexible self-healing cement system.
With low Young’s modulus across a wide density range, CemFIT Flex system minimizes the risk of cement mechanical failure to help ensure long-term well integrity.