3 Million bbl Oil High-Water-Cut Carbonate Reservoir | Schlumberger
Tech Report
Mexico, North America



Average temperature
302 degF [150 degC]

Average pressure
7,000 psi [48.3 MPa]

Average water cut

Wells in a field in southern Mexico are prone to high-salinity water encroachment—reaching up to 90% water cut in some cases.
Products Used

3 Million bbl Oil | High-Water-Cut Carbonate Reservoir

OilSEEKER diverter selectively plugs water-saturated zones, reducing water cut from 90% to just 10%

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To enhance production of oil and reduce water cut, the operator and Schlumberger applied OilSEEKER high-water-cut acidizing diverter prior to matrix acidizing treatments. The selective diverter breaks when it comes in contact with oil, but remains viscous in contact with water. This allowed the operator to stimulate the oil producing zones while directing treating fluids away from water-producing zones. After the treatment with OilSEEKER diverter, oil production rose an average of 400% while reducing water cut to less than 10%. Over a 2-year period, the operator treated six wells in this field with OilSEEKER diverter, contributing to approximately 3 million bbl in cumulative oil production and USD 300 million.
Products Used

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