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Matrix acidizing diverter

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Direct treating fluids away from intervals with high water cut for complete zonal coverage

The OilMAX matrix acidizing diverter directs treating fluids away from intervals with high water cut, allowing for complete zonal coverage. This level of coverage, along with a reduction in the effective permeability of high-water-cut intervals, maximizes crude production and minimizes produced water volume.

Sustained increase in oil production and decrease in water production following treatment with OilMAX diverter.

OilMAX Diverter Saves Mexican Operator USD 7.4 Million in Operating Costs

Acid stimulation campaign increased oil production 11,000 bbl/d, reduced produced water by 1,300 bbl/d, and avoided 216 days deferred production over 18 months.

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New-generation relative permeability modifier

To achieve complete coverage, the OilMAX matrix acidizing diverter uses a new-generation viscous relative permeability modifier (RPM). Injecting this viscous diverter into the formation matrix results in more flow resistance and RPM adsorption onto the surface of the pore spaces. Effective permeability to water- and acid-base fluids is lowered with little change in the effective permeability to oil—meaning more oil and less water cut when the well is put on production.

The new-generation RPM continues to block the flow of water while reducing clay sensitivity to cation exchange. The diverter polymer’s ionic nature enhances adsorption and minimizes desorption during production, extending the effective life of the treatment.