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Remedial cementing solution

SqueezeCRETE - hero - rig and truck
SqueezeCRETE slurry penetrated and filled the entire narrow slot providing a complete, effective seal during the 120-um narrow-slot test
In this 120-um narrow-slot test, microcement bridged off just after entering the formation. The SqueezeCRETE solution penetrated and filled the entire narrow slot, providing a complete, effective seal.

Repair small gaps or fractures in wellbores at the microscale

SqueezeCRETE remedial cementing solution penetrates slurry into narrow gaps without bridging or dehydrating during placement. The solution lets you inject slurry farther into narrow slots compared with what standard microcement allows. The slurries are resistant to acid and corrosive brine, enabling  the cement to seal old perforations even when future acid stimulations are planned.

Superior slurry and set-cement properties
Performance in temperatures ranging from 40 to 320 degF [4 to 160 degC]
Low viscosity, low fluid loss, high compressive strength, and low permeability