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Stable crosslinked foaming gel

Sand texture

Conformance control with high-quality foam

To control unwanted gas or water production and increase oil production, FoamSEAL stable crosslinked foaming gel is designed to create a seal in gas-producing zones, effectively trapping the gas.

By producing a high-quality foam capable of invading the gas zone and sealing it, the gel stops gas flow toward crude oil channels. A high-quality (60% to 80%) foam is generated using foaming agents selected for specific well conditions. The stability of the foam makes it particularly well-suited for use in naturally fissured or fractured carbonate and sandstone reservoirs.

FoamSEAL gel is not sensitive to crude oil or shear, and it also works to minimize damage in crude oil-producing zones.

Working time of the FoamSEAL gel is managed by adjusting the activator concentration. Setting time can be controlled from 1 to 24 hours for reservoir temperatures between 100 and 300 degF [38 and 149 degC].

FoamSEAL Stable crosslinked foaming gel
FoamSEAL gel produces a high-strength foam that effectively seals natural fissures and fractures, stopping the unwanted flow of gas and water.