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All the Right Tools: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Subsurface E&P Success

Published: 01/01/2018

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In this presentation, we will see how advanced solutions help in imaging the geological structure, identifying structural plays, and assessing the prospectivity. The challenge in this area is accurately imaging the flanks and the base of the salt to identify potential structural traps, or channels. Gravity information is used to complement 2D seismic lines for a 3D salt delineation. Then, estimated geology is used to design future 3D seismic surveys with optimal illumination of the complex structures. We will look at a 3D coil survey that was acquired and processed with advanced depth migration techniques using an earth model created in the Petrel E&P software platform. In the last part of the presentation, quantitative interpretation and electromagnetics are used to assess the prospectivity and to detects potentially hydrocarbon-bearing geological units.

All The Right Tools
Multidisciplinary approach to subsurface E&P success using advanced geophysics software
North Sea, Norway, Europe, Offshore

Caroline Martinez is a Schlumberger geophysics technical lead. She previously worked in geophysics technical sales for WesternGeco. Caroline has now worked at Schlumberger for 17 years and in various aspects of geophysics, from seismic processing to structural and quantitative interpretation in different locations and geological contexts. Her key interests are in seismic interpretation, depth imaging, AVO analysis and inversion, facies classification, and nonseismic methods.