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Broadband Seismic Processing

Extend the bandwidth of your data for any marine acquisition type or technique

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Innovative seismic data deghosting algorithms

Our portfolio of algorithms is continuously evolving to correctly deghost data acquired with hydrophone-only, multimeasurement, and dual-measurement seismic surveys. Regardless of the type of marine data you have, we can help you improve your understanding of the geologic structure of your reservoir.


Experience matters: With years of broadband processing expertise on projects spanning the globe, we have developed a wide array of algorithms to expertly remove seismic ghosts and extend the bandwidth of your data.

Increase the resolution of your image

Whether you have 2D or 3D data, our algorithms can extend the usable bandwidth of both legacy and new seismic datasets. This applies to data of any marine acquisition type or technique, including ocean bottom seismic (OBS), multicomponent, and over-under surveys.

Get a continuous deghosted wavelet for multimeasurement streamer data

We can reconstruct dealiased wavefields between cables using the pressure (P), vertical (Z), and crossline (Y) components of the data. The result is a continuous, reliable representation of the deghosted wavelet in all directions.

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