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Tim Bunting, Bee Jik Lim, Chui Huah Lim, Ed Kragh, and Gao Rongtao, Schlumberger; Shao Kun Yang, Zhen Bo Zhang, Yu Hong Xie, and Lie Li, CNOOC
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Marine Broadband Case Study Offshore China


Dual tow-depth acquisition configurations are used to mitigate the band-limiting effect of the sea-surface ghost in marine streamer surveys.

Here we report on the analysis of a 2D broadband marine seismic project acquired offshore China.

The deployment configuration included over/under sources and three streamers towed at different depths (5, 17, and 23 m).

This configuration allowed not only for analysis of dual tow depth as a method for increasing bandwidth, but also for evaluation of two distinct dual tow-depth combinations, over/under and sparse-under.

Marine Broadband Case Study Offshore China

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