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North Sea, Norway, Europe, Offshore
Håkon Haugvaldstad and Bjarne Lyngnes, ConocoPhillips; Patrick Smith and Andrew Thompson, WesternGeco
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Exploration Seismic

Ekofisk Time-Lapse Seismic

A continuous process of improvement

The Ekofisk field was the first commercial hydrocarbon discovery offshore Norway, and has been in production since 1971. It’s a giant, challenging oilfield, and given its age, it is not surprising that the techniques used to produce it have evolved over the years.

ConocoPhillips’ objectives are to produce the field more efficiently, attain higher recovery factors and maximize the safety of their operations. The time-lapse seismic campaign described here is just one of the technologies being used to achieve these goals.

Ekofisk Time-lapse Seismic – A Continuous Process of Improvement
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