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Schlumberger Completes Sandhill 3D WAZ Survey, West Texas

Published: 09/04/2020

Multiclient seismic data library

Schlumberger announced today the completion of the acquisition of its extensively industry-funded Sandhill 3D wide-azimuth (WAZ) multiclient survey covering 540 mi2 in Winkler, Ward, Crane, and Pecos Counties of West Texas. The newly acquired high-density Sandhill 3D data will be combined with 221 mi2 of Jumano 3D data, resulting in a continuous merged volume stretching from the Central Basin Platform to the Delaware Basin, covering the entire width of fill zone. Superior seismic resolution will increase confidence for this geologically complex area.

Person standing on sand dune.

Sandhill survey features

  • Full azimuth
  • Long offsets
  • High-quality low frequencies
  • Dense spatial sampling

Regions of interest

The western portion of the survey falls within the Delaware Basin, and the eastern is in the Central Basin Platform. This span enables greater understanding of deposition in the western Delaware Basin as well as the complex transition between basin and platform. The survey also includes parts of the Capitan Reef and the Cenozoic fill zone.

Optimized acquisition parameters

WesternGeco, a Schlumberger company, optimized the acquisition parameters for these challenging areas. A dense acquisition helped address scattering issues associated with the fill zone and complex near-survey velocity variations. It also provided the first enhanced seismic resolution of target formations.

Cost-effective dense surveying

A proprietary, high-productivity vibroseis technique from Schlumberger recorded more than 62,000 channels, the highest channel count in the Permian Basin. Thirteen acquisition fleets worked simultaneously to record 560,000 vibrator points in 21 weeks, resulting in the most traces per square mile for any 3D land seismic survey over 250 mi2 in the US.

Schlumberger produced the cost-effective high-density seismic survey using a proprietary high-productivity vibroseis technique for seismic acquisition without source interference and requiring no data deblending for processing. The 3D survey will be processed in controlled-amplitude controlled phase (CACP) inversion-ready sequence.

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Sandhill 3D WAZ Survey, West Texas
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