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Dual-connection fracturing fluid delivery technology

monoflex frac technology
Wells treated
Pounds of sand delivered through one line
bbl/min average pump rate for 5-in size

Reduce safety risks, rig-up time, and NPT

MonoFlex dual-connection fracturing fluid delivery technology speeds up multiwell pad rig-up, reduces NPT, and limits HSE risks with a flexible, erosion-resistant conduit that can be used on any part of the fracturing fluid delivery system.

Available to oil and gas operators and service companies, the technology has been used to connect

  • frac pumps with the missile trailer
  • missile trailer with the instrumentation skid
  • frac trees with zipper manifolds and trunk lines.

MonoFlex technology has been proven in field applications since 2017. By simplifying flow paths and minimizing the number of connections and flowlines, the technology has streamlined operations and optimized proppant and fracturing fluid delivery in more than 2,000 wells across North America.

Monoflex technology connecting to frac trees in the field
Photo of four wellheads fitted with MonoFlex fracturing fluid delivery technology.

Chevron Saves USD 690,000 per Year, Permian Basin

MonoFlex technology eliminates jumper lines, reduces rig-up time, and improves wellsite safety for abrasive 100-bbl/min frac jobs

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Max. working pressure: 15,000 psi [103.4 MPa]
Temperature range: –40 to 158 degF [–40 to 70 degC]
Max. injection rate: 155 bbl/min [24.6 m3/min]

Expedite mobilization by minimizing connections

MonoFlex technology features a robust and flexible high-pressure system with only two connections—a significant reduction compared with the 50+ hammer union connections required per well with conventional treating iron systems. This key technology

  • eliminates the potential to mismatch equipment
  • simplifies pad setup
  • eliminates excess flowlines
  • decreases NPT by reducing the number of possible leak paths
  • reduces operating expenses.

By eliminating sharp turns and multiple flow paths, MonoFlex technology limits friction losses by 2% to 4%, typically reducing hydraulic horsepower requirements while still accommodating flow rates up to 160 bbl/min.

MonoFlex technology specifications

Various bore sizes with 15,000-psi [103.4-MPa] maximum working pressure and temperature range from –40 to 158 degF [–40 to 70 degC].

Nominal Diameter, in 2 2.7 3 4 5 6
Max. injection rate, bbl/min [m3/min] 13 [2.1] 24 [3.8] 30 [4.8] 65 [10.3] 110 [17.5] 160 [25.4]