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DJ Basin, Permian Basin, United States, North America, Onshore

This article was originally published on HartEnergy.com in April 2022.

Enrique Villarroel, Schlumberger
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Hydraulic Fracturing

Taming the Iron Jungle of Hydraulic Frac Operations

Advances in fracturing fluid delivery technology eliminate high-pressure iron risks with operators reporting 75% savings on rig-up, rig-downtime plus case studies in the D-J and Permian basins

Anyone who has engaged in hydraulic fracturing in unconventional basins is aware of the ‘jungle of iron’ at the well site that poses numerous challenges to equipment reliability, HSE, well site footprint, flow rates, and nonproductive time (NPT). These iron jungles and the challenges they pose stem from the fact that conventional fracturing fluid delivery systems are constructed primarily of multiple, connected frac iron components. Conventional treating iron systems require more than 50 connections per well from the zipper manifold to the frac tree. During operations, NPT is associated with fluid leaks through the connections. The leaks are not easy to spot on frac iron and create delays and risks when people are required to “chase” them. The more connections there are, the higher the risk.

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