Hydraulic Multiturn Frac Valve Actuator | SLB

Hydraulic Multiturn Actuator

Enables remote manual operation of Cameron gate valves

Frac Flowback Equipment on Rigsite

Save time and improve wellsite safety during hydraulic fracturing operations

By delivering both the convenience of remote hydraulic operation and the reliability of fail-safe manual operation, the hydraulic multiturn actuator enables the safety and operational benefits of valve automation on trees and manifolds with the option of manual operation, as a contingency that mitigates potential NPT from hydraulic failures.

The multiturn actuator enables implementation of fully automated frac trees and manifolds, which

  • accelerates well swap operations
  • enables simultaneous fracturing operations
  • provides true red zone clearance by removing the need for personnel in the area
  • saves time, improves HSE, and optimizes wellsite performance.
3D rendering of a hydraulic multiturn actuator, on the right, installed on a 5-in gate valve.
Hydraulic multiturn actuator installed on a 5-in gate valve.