Hydraulic Multiturn Frac Valve Actuator | SLB

Hydraulic multiturn actuator

Enables remote manual operation of Cameron gate valves

Hydraulic Multiturn Actuator

Save time and improve wellsite safety during hydraulic fracturing operations

By delivering the convenience of remote hydraulic operation and the reliability of fail-safe manual operation, the hydraulic multiturn actuator enables the safety and operational benefits of valve automation on trees and manifolds with the option of manual operation as a contingency that mitigates potential NPT from hydraulic failures.

Any operations where gate valves are operated by hydraulic pressure units (HPUs), including multistage hydraulic fracturing operations and especially zipper frac operations.

The hydraulic multiturn actuator

  • regulates hydraulic actuation speed by controlling hydraulic fluid flow
  • improves safety of manual operation by enabling the actuator to freewheel and preventing hydraulic feedback during manual intervention.