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Composite Frac Tree

Shorter frac tree enhances safety and reliability

Frac Flowback Equipment on Rigsite

Reduce stresses on the tree and wellhead connection while improving flow control  

Designed for 10,000- and 15,000-psi hydraulic fracturing pressures, the Cameron composite frac tree houses the master valves, swab valves, and horizontal wing outlets in a single block body, resulting in a 25% shorter assembly compared with conventional stacked-valve designs. The reduced tree height decreases the bending stress transferred from the goat head to the tree and wellhead connections below. The system allows the use of a second actuated swab valve, increasing flow control while still maintaining a reasonable height.

Reduce connections to minimize leak paths

Composite frac valve blocks encase the valves in series, eliminating multiple connections and leak paths that could hinder production. Reliable metal-to-metal seals and spring-loaded, pressure-energized, nonelastomeric lip seals protect the valve cavity from contamination.

Composite Frac Tree