Indirect Heaters

Fully mobile, high-pressure indirect heater for severe applications

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Heaters are used in almost every phase of oil production and processing.  In gas applications, where lower flowing or ambient temperatures are present, production challenges exist when a pressure differential is anticipated. These conditions can lead to the formation of hydrates, which can cause damage to equipment and lower overall separation efficiency. In these cases, we recommend using an indirect heater to raise the inlet process temperature and control the pressure drop prior to separation.

Designed with you in mind

Having process coils rated up to 15,000 psi on some systems and the ability to heat up to 2,000,000 Btu/h, our indirect heater features a burner management system to control the electronic ignition source, industry standard safety devices such as flame and stack spark arrestors, fuel gas scrubbers, and pressure control, which allows the unit to stay within the maximum allowable working pressure. These indirect heaters provide efficient heat transfer using a bath fluid that features a glycol-water mix, and they can achieve outlet process temperatures of up to 180 degF. They are skid- or trailer-mounted with onboard piping and instrumentation.

Indirect heater trailer mounted
Trailer-mounted indirect heaters with on-board piping and instrumentation.

Our fully mobile indirect heaters for rental applications expedite rig-up with piping contained within the footprint.

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Advantages of indirect heaters

  • Lower initial costs and simpler operation
  • Elimination of hot spots and even heat transfer from the bath fluid to the process media
  • Higher process temperatures that help prevent hydrates
  • Increased separation efficiency
  • Prolonged firetube life expectancy because of lower thermal stresses
  • No bath fire hazard
  • Low bath-fluid cost
  • Good thermal efficiency