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Cameron Flowback Services and Equipment

Efficiently preparing your well for production

Image of Cameron technicians using digital monitoring, control, and automation during wellsite operations.
Image of Cameron technicians using digital monitoring, control, and automation during wellsite operations.

Verify your flowback operation’s progress with data anytime, anywhere

Cameron flowback services use the flowback wireless advisory platform to automate collection of and remote real-time access to operational data during flowback operations:

  • Digitization enables accurate, reliable, consistent real-time data and maximum data security.
  • Remote data collection ensures standardization and complete delivery of raw data.
  • The removal of human error in data collection reduces the risk of well shut-in and extended flow interruptions that result in damage to the formation.
  • Improved data control and access in turn improve operational efficiency and well performance.
Learn about flowback wireless advisory platform
Image of control interface for the flowback wireless advisory platform.
Benefit from real-time access to accurate flow rates and pressure during flowback operations with flowback wireless advisory platform.
Image of Cameron technicians using digital monitoring, control, and automation during wellsite operations.
Optimize your well flowback with Cameron's adaptable and agile equipment, designed and delivered by experienced personnel for meeting your operational challenges.

Flow back wells with services customized to your basin

Cameron flowback services use basin-specific techniques and technologies to effectively handle solids removal and fluid separation to clean up your well, making it ready for production.

Every job is backed by The Cameron Service. You can rely on us across all major North America basins as your trusted partner for services and equipment that consistently deliver the highest levels of performance.

Our multiskilled technicians are on site throughout the entire job, fully prepared to handle screenout contingencies that may occur during hydraulic fracturing operations and to thoroughly clean the wellbore without delay.

Optimize flowback effectiveness to improve well testing

The objectives of initial flowback and well cleanup are straightforward: Recover the fracturing fluid that was pumped into the well and screen out from the flow stream the remnants of the isolation plugs that were drilled out, along with any other solid debris that may have accumulated in the wellbore.

Once the well has been cleaned up, the well testing phase typically begins 48 to 72 hours afterward. During well testing, hydrocarbon is evident. A plug catcher and sand separator remove any remaining solids to prevent damage to downstream equipment. A three-phase test separator is deployed in sequence to separate out the gas, oil, and produced water and measure the flow rate of each.

Cameron understands that achieving those objectives is critical for conducting a well test that accurately represents the production potential. Incomplete fluid and solids removal negatively biases test measurement and subsequent performance. That’s why our flowback and cleanup operations are fit for basin, not one size fits all. Equipment and services are further tailored for your well’s conditions, including

  • hydraulic manifold management
  • control and measurement of well effluents
  • solids recovery, separation, and removal
  • well control and cleanout in the event of a screenout
  • provision and management of additional required equipment.

Other Cameron Frac and Flowback Equipment and Services

Cameron Frac and Flowback Equipment and Services
Solutions for consistent and continuous maximum performance in your hydraulic fracturing operations.
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