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Cameron Frac and Flowback Services

Setting the highest standards in installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair

Frac trees with Monoflex
Cameron Oklahoma City Facility
Production Systems aftermarket and distribution center

Service quality you can depend on

What makes Cameron frac and flowback technology the industry’s most reliable? We support our robust technology with rigorous, comprehensive service by highly skilled personnel.

Make your frac and flowback operations smarter, safer, and simpler

The combination of our solid foundation of more than 100 years with a forward focus means that our comprehensive Cameron frac and flowback services keep you continually and consistently operating at maximum capacity.

From manually operated mechanical components through automated and digitized technologies, our services enable more stages per well, a higher rate of stages per day, and ultimately a much shorter completion cycle time while mitigating operational risks.

Photograph of Cameron personnel with wellsite frac and flowback equipment.
Count on Cameron to keep you ahead.

We’ve got you covered: servicing every connection, every well, every time

Our expert teams are available 24/7/365 to provide service with the highest quality control possible, maintaining our equipment to deliver outstanding performance specifications.

Other Cameron Frac and Flowback Equipment and Services

  • Image of Cameron technicians using digital monitoring, control, and automation during wellsite operations.
    Cameron Flowback Services and Equipment
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  • Performance Live for Frac abstract key art
    Performance Live
    Digitally connected service for frac operations

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  • Cameron operator looking at a tablet screen in front of frac trees
    Cameron Frac Equipment and Services
    Leading frac technology through innovation and high performance

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Frac and flowback equipment with a tablet in front showing the status of a frac tree

Cameron Frac and Flowback Equipment and Services

Solutions for consistent and continuous maximum performance in your hydraulic fracturing operations.

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