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Cameron Frac Equipment and Services

Leading frac technology through innovation and high performance

Cameron Oklahoma City Facility
Production Systems aftermarket and distribution center

Optimize hydraulic fracturing operations with reliable and efficient equipment and services

Across the complete integrated range of Cameron equipment, we’ve engineered and manufactured every element—whether it’s an industry standard or a leading-edge innovation in digitalization and automation—to be fit for purpose with outstanding performance specifications.

But we’re more than just an OEM that bakes high-quality functionality and reliability into our equipment. With our remote operating centers and automated technologies, Cameron frac services help you to destaff locations, control costs, and flawlessly operate 24/7.

Cameron frac and flowback equipment
Our extensive range of frac equipment and services streamlines your hydraulic fracturing operations.
Cameron frac and flowback equipment
Traditional frac layout Cameron equipment and services

Increase operational performance—Decrease NPT

Conventional frac operations pose numerous potential safety risks and require significant rig-up time. The integration and innovation delivered by Cameron frac equipment and services significantly decrease friction pressure, NPT due to leaks, the number of connections, and required personnel while almost halving rig-up time.

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MonoFlex Technology

Streamline fracturing fluid delivery to minimize connections and potential leak paths

MonoFlex dual-connection fracturing fluid delivery technology accelerates rig-up, especially for multiwell pads, while improving operational safety and reducing safety risks.

Extensive field application has proved the performance of this technology:

  • >3,000 wells treated
  • >2,000,000-lbm sand pumped through one line
  • >120-bbl/min maximum pumping rate.
Learn about MonoFlex technology
Image of MonoFlex dual-connection fracturing fluid delivery technology with specifications labeled.
Robust and flexible MonoFlex technology reliably manages high pressure with a two-connection system.
Clamp Quick-Connect System
Image of clamp quick-connect system on both ends of a frac hose with enlarged inset of the clamp.
The single-bolt setup of the CCS30 enables setting and unsetting in a few seconds with a standard torque wrench.

Make quick, more reliable high-pressure connections

As the primary connection for frac iron and high-pressure hoses, hammer unions are inherently weak and cause numerous HSE issues related to failure and injuries resulting from using a sledge hammer for installation.

Rapidly installed in 20 s or less with a conventional torque wrench, the 3-in clamp quick-connect system (CCS30) also corrects for up to 15° of misalignment to reduce hose makeup time by 75%. Adapted from an innovative subsea operations application, this field-reliability-proven 3-in connector is for 2-, 2.7-, and 3-in small-bore frac hoses and its hub adapter option enables connection to any pump union type.

Learn About Clamp Quick-Connect System
Hydraulic Multiturn Actuator

Remotely manually operate Cameron gate valves using the hydraulic multiturn actuator

This key automation enabler provides the convenience of remote hydraulic operation of a frac valve while retaining the ability of fail-safe manual operation. The hydraulic multiturn actuator enables you to implement fully automated frac trees and manifolds that not only optimize wellsite performance but, more importantly, provide true red zone clearance by removing the need for personnel in the area.

Learn About Hydraulic Multiturn Actuator
Image of the hydraulic multiturn actuator for enabling remote operation of Cameron gate valves.
The hydraulic multiturn actuator enables valve remote hydraulic control with the option of manual operation.
Image of the hydraulic multiturn actuator for enabling remote operation of Cameron gate valves.
Flowback Equipment and Services
Cameron Frac and Flowback Equipment and Services
Solutions for consistent and continuous maximum performance in your hydraulic fracturing operations.
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