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Cameron Frac and Flowback Equipment and Services

Data-enriched well stimulation and hydraulic fracturing surface equipment

    Consistently perform at maximum capacity and mitigate operational risks with reliable and efficient technology

    For more than 100 years, we have been pioneering pressure control systems that have redefined performance possibilities. Today, our full spectrum of frac and flowback equipment and services help you do more with less, including

    • maximizing pumping time
    • reducing risk and human error
    • running faster, safer, and more sustainable operations
    • achieving first oil sooner while reducing total cost of operations.
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    Optimize frac and flowback operations for today and prepare for tomorrow

    As the leader in total digitalization and automation of frac and flowback equipment and services, we focus on

    • efficiency—cut your completion cycle time with more stages per well and stages per day
    • consistency—continually and dependably perform at maximum capacity, day in and day out
    • safety—remove manual operation risks by eliminating human activity in the critical path and reducing personnel in the red zone
    • sustainability—reduce your emissions through more efficient operations and reducing personnel traveling to sites.
    Remotely Operate Your Frac Tree with Cameron ValveCommander Platform
    Consistently perform more efficiently at maximum capability and mitigate the risk of human error. Experience the new data-enriched and automated well stimulation experience from Cameron, which enables you to do more with less. ValveCommander automated control and advisory platform, our automated valve greasing system, and the flowback wireless advisory platform puts you in complete control from outside of the red zone.
    Experience the Future

    Reduce operational costs and enable 24/7 operations using Cameron frac and flowback equipment and services

    Our extensive range of integrated frac fluid delivery services enables everything from remote operating centers and destaffing locations to cost reduction and 24/7 operations. As an OEM, we rigorously maintain our equipment to deliver outstanding performance specifications you can rely on—every time.

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    Manage your valve greasing during fracturing operations offline and remotely

    Increase operational performance by eliminating transition time and greasing during the critical path and by reducing NPT caused by improper valve maintenance.

    • Automate operations
    • Eliminate human error
    • Reduce damage to equipment
    Explore Automated Valve Greasing System
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    Maximize flowback efficiency and high performance

    Our flowback equipment and services deliver consistently high performance to maximize efficiency from end to end. Optimize your flowback operations to meet the unique demands of your operating conditions without compromising performance.

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    Cameron Service

    Achieve outstanding performance from your operations—every well, every time. Our comprehensive 24/7/365 support, expert team, technology innovation, and robust quality control keeps you ahead with service you can rely on.

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