Flowback Wireless Advisory Platform

Real-time access to accurate flow rates and pressure during flowback operations

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Track your flowback operation data anytime, from anywhere

Flowback wireless advisory platform improves well testing operations with automated and wireless delivery of accurate, real-time flow rate and pressure data. Reliable, timely, and consistent remote data collection ensures standardization and complete delivery of raw data, minimizing personnel on the jobsite, eliminating nonproductive time (NPT) associated with data capture, and ensuring maximum data security. By helping maintain a steady hydrocarbon rate, the platform enables you to improve well performance and efficiency by avoiding damage to the formation due to extended flow interruption or well shut-in.

Rendering of the data acquisition skid, sensors, and visualization on an unconventional wellsite.
Flowback wireless advisory platform delivers accurate, real-time flow rates and pressures, eliminating periodic manual data delivery and human error.