Well Test Separators

Increase measurement and discharge accuracy

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Separate oil, water, gas, and solids

Cameron well test separators use low- or high-working-pressure vessels to separate oil, water, gas, and sometimes solids (sand) into individual streams for more accurate measurement and discharge control.

Product specifications

  • Rated for working pressures from 500 to 2,000 psi
  • Skid-mounted or trailer-integrated designs
  • Sweet or sour service rated
  • Two-, three-, or four-phase separator test units
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation of vessels
  • On-skid piping and instrumentation
  • Dedicated measurement for gas, oil, and water
  • Electronic flowmeter (EFM) for accurate real-time reporting capability
  • Inlet diameter up to 84 in
Cameron Worker Performing Maintenance Checks on Production Testing Measurements Equipment in the Field