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Flow Iron Plug Valves

Reliable plug valves for well service applications

Frac Flowback Equipment on Rigsite
Working pressure: up to 15,000 psi [103 MPa]
Sizes: 2 or 3 in

Manage lifetime costs for hydraulic fracturing, cementing, well testing, and flowback

Flow iron plug valves from Cameron deliver maximum total life cycle cost savings, even in the oil and gas industry’s most demanding applications. For all of your flow iron requirements, from high-stage-count hydraulic fracturing to cementing, well testing, and even abrasive flowback, you can count on Cameron for high reliability and low cost.

Plug valves to enable efficient and reliable wellsite configurations

Cameron offers ultimate sealability in standard 2- and 3-in sizes with standard 1502 hammer wing unions or Grayloc connections.

Valves are available for use in sour gas applications and with optional bar caps, gear operators, or hydraulic actuators.

Cameron 2-in × 2-in flow iron plug valve.
Cameron 2-in × 2-in flow iron plug valve.