Dual-Fracturing Stimulation Service

Improved operational efficiency through integrated technologies

Aerial view of a site showing the Dual-Fracturing Stimulation service

Simultaneously stimulate two wells with a single stimulation fleet

Schlumberger’s dual-fracturing stimulation technique enables you to simultaneously stimulate two wells with a single stimulation fleet to save time and cost without sacrificing well performance. During a dual-fracturing job, a single frac fleet stimulates two wells on the pad while two wireline crews perforate an additional two wells on the pad at the same time, enabling simultaneous operations in four wells. This results in greater efficiency that enables the wells to be brought onto production sooner compared with conventional zipper fracturing.

The integration of Schlumberger technologies plays a critical role in the success of a dual-fracturing completion. Stimulation design can be reviewed and optimized using the Petrel E&P software platform and Kinetix reservoir-centric stimulation-to-production software. The StimCommander Process Trailer automated blender and hydration unit or POD programmable optimal density blenders enables different pumping schedules for each well using only one piece of equipment. And StimCommander Pumps automated and intelligent rate and pressure control monitor and enable pumping of independent wells from a single control center.

2021 World Oil Awards Winner: Best Completions Technology Award
Schlumberger's dual-fracturing stimulation service wins the 2021 World Oil Award for Best Completions Technology.
Dual-fracturing operation

Sundance Energy Saves USD 500,000 with 60% More Stages per Day in Simultaneous Fracturing Operations

Simultaneous fracturing operations, automation, and planning saved Sundance Energy 10 days and USD 500,000 on equipment rental, services, and consulting charges and increased proppant placed by 35% per day as compared with conventional zipper fracs.

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