Pump idling reduction intelligent system

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A stimulation pump is equipped with an electric starter, which is coupled to the fleet control system. The PumpIRIS™ pump idling reduction intelligent system automatically stops the pump after a predetermined amount of idling; when the pump is needed, the remote starter enables rapid restarting from the control van.

For applications in extreme cold, the control system also remotely monitors engine coolant temperature and battery voltages, turning on the engine automatically to maintain temperature and ensure the pump is ready to operate.

The PumpIRIS system solves inefficiencies of the past. Traditionally, fracturing pumps are started through a time-consuming manual process and are sometimes started well before they are needed. In addition, because of process limitations, pumps are often left idling between stages. The PumpIRIS system reduces this idling time with its remote-start application and automatic pump shutdown.

The PumpIRIS system improves efficiency because idling between stages negatively affects

  • fuel consumption
  • total engine hours
  • engine lifespan
  • time between servicing
  • CO2 footprint.
Photo of the PumpIRIS system installed on a pump. The PumpIRIS system is outlined in blue.
The PumpIRIS system automatic shutdown reduces carbon emissions and fuel costs with minimal footprint.
  • Stimulation operations
  • Arctic conditions
  • Reduces pump idling by up to 75%
  • Cuts carbon emissions by approximately 7% per year per fleet
  • Improves wellsite safety by reducing fueling operations
  • Reduces fuel consumption by 7% per year per fleet
  • Enhances pump reliability, readiness, and maintenance
  • Extends engine lifespan by decreasing operating hours
  • Electric starter and light beacon system for each pump
  • Remote monitoring of engine coolant temperature and battery voltages
  • Automatic restart in low temperatures to ensure engine readiness