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Horizontal frac tree

F-T90 Horizontal Frac Tree in the Field
Reduction in size
Reduction in weight
Horizontal frac tree

Improve efficiency in multiwell fracturing

Developed specifically to complement multiwell pad completions and simultaneous operations (SIMOPS), the F-T90 frac tree’s goat head is located closer to the wellhead, giving it a lower center center of gravity and reduced bending moment. The result: More protection for the wellhead-tree interface, and fewer interruptions in your fracturing program.

The F-T90 frac tree can be operated with pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric actuation and is available in three configurations.

Improve reliability and fracturing uptime

The F-T90 frac tree incorporates the proven FLS-R gate valve, which uses metal-to-metal sealing for maximum reliability. To increase durability, the tree has an internal buffer zone to mitigate turbulent flow—reducing erosion-related maintenance costs—and an inlay of corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA) on seat pockets and ring grooves. Large cavity ports facilitate grease and sand evacuation, and the solid body is less susceptible to leak paths, which improves uptime. The tree has an integrated cross for pumpdown and flowback.

Reduce rig-up and rig-down time and safety risks

Rig-up of a conventional frac tree involves three connections and can take a two-man team up to four hours. By comparison, the F-T90 frac tree requires only one connection and needs just one hour to make up, rig up hoses, and test, reducing NPT. The horizontal design also promotes safer rig-ups by eliminating the need for a man basket.

F-T90 Horizontal Frac Tree
Horizontal frac tree