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Flowback and Well Cleanup Services

Basin-specific plans to remove solids and separate fluids

Two Cameron Workers Inspecting the Flowback Well Cleanup Equipment

Prepare your well for production, efficiently

Cameron flowback and well cleanup services use basin-specific techniques and technologies to effectively handle solids removal and fluid separation. When these services are provided as part of the CAMShale fracturing fluid delivery and flowback service, multiskilled technicians are on site from the time the fracturing fluid delivery system is rigged up, fully prepared to handle screenout contingencies that may occur during hydraulic fracturing operations and clean the wellbore without delay.

Services include

  • operation and maintenance of fit-for-purpose equipment (e.g., plug and debris catchers)
  • management of hydraulic manifolds during drillout and flowback
  • control and measurement of well effluents during well cleanup
  • solids recovery, separation, and removal
  • well control and cleanup in the event of a screenout
  • management of additional equipment requirements.
Two Schlumberger Workers Inspecting the Flowback Well Cleanup Equipment