Schlumberger Drilling Fluid Helps Artex Energy Group Achieve Utica Formation Objectives

Published: 06/14/2021

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Operators drilling deep wells in the Utica Formation conventionally favor oil-based drilling fluid (OBM) over water-based mud (WBM), which is considered a costly solution that can cause performance to suffer. Frequent changes in WBM properties require numerous checks compared with two mud checks per shift for OBM, increasing potential for error and adding operational time. However, higher-quality downhole images attainable in WBM have increased demand for WBM in deep wells.

Artex Energy Group LLC achieved recent success in the Utica Formation using an integrated solution with WBM, opening new opportunities for using the fluid type in areas where it was once considered too challenging and expensive.

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Utica Shale, North America, Onshore
Gary King, Artex Energy Group, LLC; Joseph Powell, Schlumberger
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Drilling Fluids