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CD-500 HV

High-volume, high-speed precision-balanced centrifuge

A technician in the field working on a CD-500 HV centrifuge.

The CD 500 high volume (HV) centrifuge is a high-powered centrifuge designed for exceptional low-gravity solids (LGS) separation and barite recovery in operations where large feed rates are a requirement. Rotating stainless steel bowl with a single-lead spiral-screw conveyor inside it that rotates in the same direction as the bowl but at a lower rpm.

The CD 500 HV centrifuge has been designed to process large volumes of fluids, improve barite recovery and produce solids that meet environmental regulations for disposal. Automatic programmable logic controller (PLC) monitoring and adjustment compensates for varied drilling conditions and maintains maximum solids separation throughout the drilling operation.

The CD 500 HV centrifuge recovers valuable drilling fluid and barite while reducing the total volume of drilling waste that must be transported for injection, disposal, or remediation.

By recovering more fluid and producing drier cuttings with a smaller volume, the CD 500 HV centrifuge helps operators reduce their drilling waste and disposal volumes.

Hydraulic capacity: 674 gpm [153 m3/h]
Operating speed: 3,200 rpm
G-force: 2,656 G
Sigma value: 49,589 ft2 [4,607 m2>]
Solids discharge: 53 gpm [12.0 m3/h]

Clean fluid discharge

Feed slurry enters through a hollow axle at the narrow end and is distributed to the bowl. Centrifugal force as high as 379 G at 1,200 rpm (or 2,066 G at 2,800 rpm) holds the slurry against the bowl wall in a pool. Trapped silt and sand-sized particles settle and spread against the bowl wall, where they are conveyed to the solids underflow discharge ports by the tungsten carbide–tipped scroll flights on the conveyor. Silt and sand particles exit damp but with no free liquid. The cleaned fluid is discharged through weirs that regulate the pool depth.

The CD 500 centrifuge with the top cover open