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High-performance water-based drilling fluid system

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Given the economic and environmental constraints of North American shale plays, oil-based drilling fluids are not always the optimal choice.

Recognizing that no two shale plays are alike as well as the need to rein in costs, M-I SWACO developed the HydraGlyde high-performance water-based drilling fluid system specifically for the economically challenging North American onshore  unconventional sector.

The system provides a fast, trouble-free, flexible drilling fluid solution that fits within rigid AFE and HSE constraints. Its novel cost-effective chemistry reduces torque and drag in addition to shale swelling and dispersion. The HydraGlyde system delivers oil mud–comparable ROP, exceptional hole cleaning, and wellbore stability in high-angle-build and long-lateral sections—all while reducing restrictive costs and decreasing environmental impact.

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In addition to its exceptional drilling performance, the HydraGlyde system also generates a thin, tight, and slick filtercake that helps simplify running casing and installing the completion system.
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Improve ROP 16% by Reducing Torque in Challenging Wolfcamp Shale

High-performance water-based drilling fluid system performs like an oil-based system, establishes higher standards of drilling parameters for future wells, West Texas

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HydraCap encapsulating additive

The HydraCap encapsulating additive is a low-molecular-weight, dry acrylic acid copolymer that replaces the conventional partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide (PHPA) additive to minimize clay dispersion and enhance wellbore integrity.

Compared with PHPA, the HydraCap additive disperses more in water and generates less viscosity.

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HydraHib shale inhibitor

The HydraHib shale inhibitor is a liquid polyamine shale suppressant used in inhibitive water-based drilling fluids.

The inhibitor provides a high degree of wellbore stability and flexibility with the ability to adjust its concentration.

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HydraSpeed ROP-enhancing primary lubricant

The HydraSpeed ROP-enhancing primary lubricant can be used in all types of water-based drilling systems when drilling highly deviated, extended-reach, or horizontal welIs in onshore applications.

The HydraSpeed lubricant demonstrates a coefficient of friction (COF) factor of 30.8 compared with 38.9 for a higher-cost lubricants. Its unique nonhydrocarbon chemistry provides the optimal combination of lubricity, wellbore stabilization, and filtercake enhancement.

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HydraGlyde system Permian brochure

Increase Your Permian Potential

HydraGlyde high-performance water-based drilling fluid system delivers the strength and reliability of oil-based drilling fluids in an economical water-based drilling fluid solution. With more than 300 successful projects worldwide, the system has helped Permian operators prevent NPT and reduce operating costs.

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High-performance water-base drilling fluid