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UltraDril Plus

Premium-performance aqueous drilling fluid system

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The UltraDril Plus™ premium-performance aqueous drilling fluid system optimizes the technical performance of water-based fluids. In challenging drilling environments, such as reactive clay, conventional water-based fluids could reduce drilling performance; however, oil-based fluids sacrifice sustainability and economics. The UltraDril Plus system uses a balanced approach for performance, economics, and sustainability to bridge the gap between water-based fluids and oil-based fluids.

The system maintains wellbore stability by providing excellent inhibition qualities and improved technical limitations. The aqueous fluid is easy to mix and maintain, meets environmental standards, and enables high drilling rates.

The UltraDril Plus system features the UltraHib Plus™ premium-performance shale inhibitor. This shale inhibitor is neither affected by the pH of the drilling fluid nor the drilling environment, making the UltraDril Plus system an ideal candidate for shale applications.

  • Deepwater, onshore, and offshore
  • Challenging wells
  • Highly reactive shale formations
  • Remote and environmentally sensitive locations
  • High-pH environments
  • Delivers excellent inhibition qualities
  • Enables high drilling rates
  • Extends technical limitations
  • Maintains wellbore stability
  • Meets environmental standards
  • Premium inhibition and encapsulating agents
  • Optimized pH threshold
  • Low embodied carbon
  • Near-OBM drilling performance
  • Specially formulated wellbore sealant
  • User-friendly formula