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UltraHib Plus

Premium-performance shale inhibitor

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UltraHib Plus™ premium-performance shale inhibitor, an essential component of the UltraDril Plus™ premium-performance aqueous drilling fluid system, is a shale inhibitor developed to reduce clay hydration and enhance cuttings integrity. Whether deployed offshore or onshore, the UltraHib Plus inhibitor effectively curbs the hydration of reactive clays across various fluid densities and pH levels. It achieves this by creating a barrier between clay platelets, preventing water molecules from infiltrating and causing the clay to swell.

This premium-performance shale inhibitor improves the quality of clay cuttings, reduces dispersion tendencies, and minimizes the risks associated with the BHA and bit balling potential. Additionally, it demonstrates exceptional resilience to fluctuations in drilling fluid pH levels, ensuring consistent performance in diverse environmental conditions.

UltraHib Plus inhibitor builds on the aqueous drilling fluid mission to support our sustainability goals and reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Onshore and offshore
  • Reactive shale formations
  • Reduces BHA and bit balling potential
  • Improves the integrity of cuttings
  • Works in a broad range of fluid densities
  • Tolerates elevated pH levels
  • Reduced embodied carbon compared to traditional nonaqueous mud systems
  • Suppresses hydration of reactive clays
  • Bridges clay platelets to prevent water molecules from causing the clay to swell
  • Unaffected by the pH of the drilling fluid or the drilling environment