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US-land high-performance cement

CemBoost US-land high-performance cement.

Customize cement properties for your unconventional wells

The CemBoost™ high-performance cement enables drilling and completion of unconventional wells with significantly lower risk of losses and provides exceptional set-cement properties required for zonal isolation and long-term well integrity.

  • Managing equivalent circulating density in unconventional wells 

CemBoost cement is customizable to achieve faster 50/500 psi compressive strength, which reduces the wait time on cement setting so you can start drilling faster.

  • Lower slurry density and cement consumption without compromising compressive strength
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Higher compressive strength
  • Temperature: 120 to 200 degF
  • Density: 10.5 to 14
 Time to 500 psi
  13.2-lbm/galUS CemBoost cement Time to 500 psi 4:54 h
  13.2-lbm/galUS standard cement Time to 500 psi 7:44 h


A conventional low-density, cost-effective cement slurry is achieved by adding more water to lower the solid volume fraction (SVF) of the slurry. Due to low SVF, these slurries tend to cure into mechanically weak set cement with low compressive strength. CemBoost cement meets low-density requirements with high compressive strength and strong mechanical properties, without having to add lightweight materials.

3D graphic of swirling CemBoost cement
A 72-h compressive strength comparison of CemBoost cement system vs. conventional slurry at 140 degF.