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Drilling Fluid Advisor

Advanced software platform

Drilling Fluid Advisor digitizes your drilling fluids.

Drilling fluids are the most vital component in the drilling process. With Drilling Fluid Advisor, you benefit from an advanced software platform that seamlessly integrates data, measurements, analytics, and more to optimize drilling fluids. Through fast, secure connectivity, it provides automated advice on drilling fluids throughout project planning and operation to enable continuous performance improvement.

Drilling Fluid Advisor brings together the rig site, optimized processes, and unprecedented collaboration with customers. During operation, it suggests fluid options, interfaces with rig systems, conducts real-time KPI analysis, and visualizes well data.

With borderless access to expertise, data aggregation and analysis, drilling fluids are optimized with precision that’s accessible anytime, anywhere to ensure the right outcomes for your drilling operations.

  • Enables users to compare performances
  • See offset well trend updates
  • View measurement details
  • Refine algorithms
  • Review KPI
  • Enhanced data sets improve drilling fluid management.
  • Advanced warning system keeps drilling fluids within planned specifications
  • Borderless access to expertise helps optimize drilling outcomes
Drilling Fluid Advisor
Optimize drilling fluids to complete your drilling system with the right expertise anytime, and from anywhere.
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