Drilling Fluid Advisor | Video

Published: 08/24/2021

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Drilling Fluid Advisor
Optimize drilling fluids to complete your drilling system with the right expertise anytime, and from anywhere.

Drilling fluids are the vital component in the drilling process. Without them, bits would burn up and wellbores would crumble. That’s because drilling fluids are the most flexible tools in the drilling system. And what’s in the beaker is only part of the story.

Drilling fluids are now digital. Combined with new and innovative instruments, firmware, and software, along with machine learning, we’re enabling performance improvement on levels few suspected possible with drilling fluids.

Borderless access to expertise, data aggregation and analysis, even logistical refinements and, of course, fluid health and performance downhole. It’s all consolidated in a way that brings together the rig site, optimized processes and roles in town, and unprecedented collaboration with customers.

And the science behind this seemingly modest flask of fluid is performed by some of the most experienced and intelligent minds in the industry who incorporate the most incredibly innovative digital cloud and automated hardware technologies available.

We optimize drilling fluids in a way no one else can—to complete your drilling system with the right expertise anytime, and from anywhere, with the right outcomes to your drilling operations. Introducing the advanced Drilling Fluid Advisor… and it’s all brought to you by M-I SWACO.

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