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Drilling fluid simulation software

Drilling Fluids Simulation Software: VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS

Advanced software suite that helps maximize drilling fluid performance and minimize drilling costs

VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS drilling fluid simulation software is used to evaluate and design critical drilling hydraulics under simulated downhole conditions. By monitoring and predicting equivalent circulating density (ECD), equivalent static density (ESD), temperature, hole cleaning, and tripping profiles, the software helps you achieve a quality wellbore under optimal operating conditions while reducing rig time and lowering costs.

Monitoring and predicting conditions in all types of drilling fluids in extreme environments

This innovative software monitors and predicts the hydraulics and rheological behavior of synthetic-, oil-, and water-based drilling fluids in extreme temperatures and high-pressure environments such as deepwater and HPHT drilling, helping to guide decision making through an interactive 3D visualization.

Mitigating lost circulation in tight clearances and narrow drilling windows

VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS software also helps mitigate lost circulation while running casing, especially when clearances are tight and drilling windows are narrow. In addition, it maximizes performance and minimizes the costs associated with premium water-, synthetic-, and oil-based drilling fluid systems.
Drilling Fluids Simulation Software: VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS