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Bridging agent selection software

OPTIBRIDGE bridging agent selection software.

Whether the fluid is a kill pill, a reservoir drill-in fluid, a system designed for lost circulation, or one for perforation sealing, your fluid system must be precisely formulated with the right bridging agent to block invasion and prevent formation damage. That’s where OPTIBRIDGE™ bridging agent selection software comes in. It enables you to design fluid systems that help block invasion and prevent formation damage.

Using formation data and information about potential materials, OPTIBRIDGE software calculates the best fit or mixture of bridging particles to pack your formation effectively. It determines the ideal particle size distribution for the bridging material, with blends that form a tighter and less invasive filtercake to seal pores, fractures, or completion screens.

OPTIBRIDGE software calculates and selects the optimal bridging agents for each formation.
OPTIBRIDGE software is the first step in nondamaging fluid system design.
  • Reservoir drill-in fluids
  • Lost circulation treatments
  • Kill pills
  • Fracture sealing
  • Perforation sealing
  • Reduces formation damage
  • Takes the guesswork out of selecting bridging material
  • Lowers material costs
  • Optimizes production
  • Prevents fluid invasion