Real-Time Analysis of Downhole Data Reduces Well Cost and Chemical Consumption

Published: 01/24/2022

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On the basis of the data measured by the RheoProfiler rheometer, PRESSPRO RT engineers sent daily reports on hole cleaning and continuously advised the operator on how to optimize the circulating time and tripping speed.

The operator had real-time data regarding pressure, ECD, and hole cleaning using InterACT global connectivity, collaboration, and information service and access to the RheoProfiler rheometer data at any time.

Real-time analysis of downhole data reduces well cost.
Ecuador, South America

An operator wanted to reduce its drilling costs and environmental impact through more precise monitoring of mud properties. A RheoProfiler automated rheometer was used on site to measure rheology and density five times per day at two different temperatures in three well sections. The data was automatically sent to PRESSPRO RT real-time downhole performance measurement software.

By using the RheoProfiler rheometer and PRESSPRO RT software in combination, the use of high-viscosity pills was reduced by 33% in the 12 1/4-in section and by 90% in the 8 1/2-in section, saving the operator USD 15,000 in chemical products used. Additionally, fluid disposal was reduced by 300 bbl in the 12 1/4- and 8 1/2-in sections, reducing the environmental impact. Overall, these improvements reduced the anticipated well cost by USD 18,000.

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