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Real-time downhole performance measurement software

PRESSPRO RT Drilling Fluids Simulation Software

Real-time downhole measurement at the well site

The PRESSPRO RT real-time downhole performance measurement software package from M-I SWACO is an integral part of managing equivalent circulating density (ECD). This innovative software provides you with up-to-the-minute ECD and equivalent static density (ESD) measurements at any point in the wellbore during drilling. It also delivers surge and swab pressure measurements as well as ECD data while tripping drillpipe or setting casing.

Complementing PWD data

The PRESSPRO RT software package complements pressure-while-drilling (PWD) data, comparing the actual measurements with an optimized scenario for early detection of impending problems. While PWD technology provides a single-point measurement at the bit, the PRESSPRO RT software package calculates complete profiles of downhole hydraulics and mud behavior and can substitute for the PWD when the tool is unavailable, such as while running casing, when the tool is nonoperational, or when temperatures or pressures exceed tool limitations.

Mitigating fluid losses with real-time data

PRESSPRO RT software equips you with important real-time information that minimizes or eliminates downhole fluid losses from lost circulation. It also can provide early detection of possible problems, eliminating mud-related NPT. In addition, the software contains predefined screens for targeted drilling and tripping components and virtual sensors that can be observed and managed onsite and remotely.

PRESSPRO RT Drilling Fluids Simulation Software