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Well construction performance service

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The OptiWell well construction performance service monitors and analyzes processes and downhole conditions in real time. Ultimately, the service facilitates improvement in the overall safety and efficiency of the well construction process. From 24/7 monitoring for downhole hazards to identifying inefficiencies, the OptiWell service mitigates HSE risks and both invisible lost time (ILT) and NPT.

Performance Management

The performance management component of the OptiWell service analyzes and benchmarks well construction operations and compares them to KPIs. Based on these data, the appropriate measures can be taken to increase well construction efficiency. In addition, the operator can integrate a variety of monitoring and analysis services, such as the RigHour multiwell drilling operational efficiency analysis, to improve drilling efficiency and reduce ILT.

When needed, the operator can integrate a variety of services, such as the CLEAR hole cleaning and wellbore risk reduction service, to greater improve drilling efficiency and reduce ILT without compromising hole cleaning.

Graph visual showing downward-moving arrows for mitigated invisible lost time and nonproductive time.

Hazard Management

The OptiWell service monitors and analyzes the downhole environment to identify potential risks to drilling operations, such as severe gains or losses, stuck pipe events, or zones that may cause high vibration that will impact borehole and BHA integrity. In addition to minimizing NPT, this service also reduces the likelihood and severity of risks, which pose a danger to personnel, rig operations, and equipment.

The operator can integrate a variety of services to enable better monitoring of drillstring integrity and assessment of drilling efficiency. Compatible services include, among others,

By leveraging experience gained through field exposure and a tailored training program, the OptiWell service enables a wider, holistic perspective that generates greater performance and a safer workplace.