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Global connectivity, collaboration, and information service

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Access wellsite and reservoir data any time, anywhere

The InterACT global connectivity, collaboration, and information service brings the wellsite and reservoir to your desktop and mobile device. From deepwater wells in harsh environments to shallow land wells, the InterACT service enables remote teams to proactively address challenges. The service provides a secure online workspace, enabling your team to collaborate, explore, and implement new ways of working—24/7/365, no matter where members are located.

More informed decisions throughout your operations

The integrated InterACT Visualization modular real-time data display includes interactive time-depth log viewers for formation evaluation log data, a driller’s console, lithology and cuttings data, numerical display, and events that update as they happen. Additionally, testing operations and sampling processes can be witnessed in real time. Messages can be simultaneously exchanged between remote locations and the wellsite engineer console.

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Read answers to frequently asked questions.

Can the InterACT service be used to monitor all well construction and wellsite operations?
Yes. The InterACT service is a standards-based system. Wellsite Information Transfer Standard (WITS) or Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language (WITSML) data can be loaded through a secure link to the InterACT service.

Is the InterACT service secure?
Yes. The InterACT service is engineered to ensure data is accessed by only those who have been granted authorization. The data hubs follow stringent Schlumberger security policies to ensure your data is only seen by those people with approved access.

What are the options for connectivity?
If available, the InterACT service can cost-effectively and securely make use of TCP/IP or a customer network.

Who authorizes access to my data?
Before using the InterACT service, each customer must acknowledge the Terms and Conditions and sign a corporate agreement that identifies the customer representative who will authorize access for new users and maintain a list of current users.

Do I need any special software or hardware to use the InterACT service?
It is strongly recommended to run the Configuration Test available on the InterACT service login page to stay up to date on systems requirements. The latest versions of the most common browsers (i.e., Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) are supported on Microsoft Windows PC and Mac OSX computers. InterACT Visualization service relies on Microsoft Silverlight 5 and above, which is soon to be fully retired, and still requires usage of only Internet Explorer.

My IT department prohibits downloads to my computer. Can I still use the InterACT service?
InterACT service requires the Microsoft Silverlight platform plug-in to function. Silverlight is available as a free download from Microsoft for Internet Explorer versions 9 through 11. You will receive a notification upon attempting to utilize a viewer should Microsoft Silverlight not be available on your computer.

What happens if connectivity is lost during a job?
Using proprietary transfer protocols, the InterACT service will immediately continue sending data once the connectivity has been restored.

What happens when a file upload is suspended for several hours (e.g., an operational delay or lost communication link)?
The user then restarts the connection and continues activities normally.