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Multifactor cuttings evaluation-while-drilling service

EcoFlex multifactor cuttings evaluation-while-drilling service

The EcoFlex multifactor cuttings evaluation-while-drilling service brings new dimensions to cuttings analysis by determining the lithological, mineralogical, and geochemical composition in near real time to support operational decisions and minimize risk in conventional reservoirs.

Characterize lithology with lab-quality precision

Identify lithofacies better than before by combining accurate, repeatable mineralogy data with high-quality imaging. Using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and high-resolution digital microscopy (HRDM), the EcoFlex service eliminates subjectivity and human error from the process. This helps you optimize well trajectory while drilling and select the best zones for logging, coring, and completing.

HRDM quantification using the EcoFlex service
The HRDM component of the EcoFlex service provides up to 200 times magnification for enhanced descriptions of cuttings.
Multifactor cuttings evaluation-while-drilling service

Identify trace elements to improve characterization

Adding X-ray fluorescence (XRF) provides a geochemical fingerprint that identifies elemental composition, including trace elements. With the exact mineral and elemental composition defined, cuttings from one well can be used to determine if the same formation is encountered in a nearby well.

In conventional reservoirs, geochemical fingerprinting enables you to make highly accurate well-to-well correlations, identify formation tops, select the best casing points, optimize core-points selection, and improve log interpretation.

Collaborate remotely and reduce rig personnel

Logs from the EcoFlex service can be integrated with available data to create a comprehensive log that is transmitted via the InterACT global connectivity, collaboration, and information service for remote multidisciplinary interpretation. High-quality lithological columns are automatically created and recorded in our acquisition system to use as a benchmark in subsequent wells.

Log from the EcoFlex service.
Logs from the EcoFlex service provide accurate lithology and mineralogy quantifications.

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