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Litho Scanner

High-definition spectroscopy service

rendering of lithoscanner
Higher output than chemical sources
350 degF
Temperature rating without spectral quality degradation
Better scintillator resolution
Measured elemental concentrations

Unlock your reservoir’s elements and TOC

Litho Scanner high-definition spectroscopy service provides you with a detailed description of complex reservoirs by measuring both the inelastic and capture spectra. In addition to measuring more key elements in a wide variety of rock formations with higher precision and accuracy than previously possible, Litho Scanner service provides a stand-alone quantitative determination of total organic carbon (TOC).

Litho Scanner service interpretation
Interpretation of the elementary weight fractions determines mineralogy, matrix properties, and TOC.

Stand-alone TOC determination: No models or laboratory analysis needed.

The science of spectroscopy

The powerful combination of a high-output pulsed neutron generator (PNG) and unique cerium-doped lanthanum bromide (LaBr3:Ce) gamma ray detector provides quantitative measurements of elements and mineralogy, with previously unavailable accuracy and speed.

1. Spectral acquisition

The spectroscopy workflow begins with measurement of the separated inelastic and capture gamma ray spectra.

2. Spectral stripping

Each spectra is decomposed into the combination of standard spectra from individual elements. This step involves correction for some environmental and electronic factors.

3. Elemental weight fractions

The coefficients of the linear combination of the standard spectra are converted to elemental weight fractions via a modified geochemical oxides closure model or by using an inversion approach.

4. Interpretation

Two approaches are available to generate mineralogy and lithologic fractions from the elemental concentration logs. One is sequential SpectroLith spectroscopy lithology processing, and the other uses an iterative inversion technique, such as the the Quanti.Elan multicomponent inversion solver in the Techlog wellbore software platform.

Pulsar multifunction spectroscopy service provides the key quantitative measurements of elements and mineralogy for cased wells, delivered at higher accuracy and speed that previously possible.
Litho Scanner
High-definition spectroscopy service


For the neutron-induced gamma ray spectroscopy data acquired by Litho Scanner service, our multidisciplinary interpretation experts collaborate with you as needed, using advanced workflows and employing a multimineral solver to provide the most comprehensive petrophysical results.

Accurate answers are delivered for even the most complex mineralogy. For example, the clay volume is independent of natural gamma ray radiation, so it is not influenced by the radioactive minerals in feldspars and carbonates. From the direct carbon measurement made by Litho Scanner service, the volume of hydrocarbons in your formation can be determined—whether in the form of kerogen, oil, gas, tar, or bitumen.

Interpretation Services for Litho Scanner High-Definition Spectroscopy Service