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Multifactor shale-cuttings evaluation-while-drilling service

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Obtain near-real-time formation evaluation in unconventional reservoirs

The LithoFlex multifactor shale-cuttings evaluation-while-drilling service provides near-real-time formation evaluation of cuttings using reliable and repeatable measurements. With a comprehensive log that accurately maps lithology, mineralogy, and the geochemical fingerprint of a reservoir, the service supports operational decisions and minimizes risk.

This cost-effective evaluation-while-drilling service provides direct detection and quantification of minerals, total organic carbon (TOC), kerogen content, and elemental composition, helping you

  • optimize well trajectory
  • select the best zones during completion
  • assess potential pay zones along the lateral.
Multifactor shale-cuttings evaluation-while-drilling service

Assess production potential with a well-defined geochemical fingerprint

With the exact mineral and elemental composition defined, you can determine a play’s economic potential. The LithoFlex service quantifies up to 29 inorganic elements (11 major and 18 trace elements) to parts per million using X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology. The presence of trace elements provides highly accurate well-to-well correlation and identification of preserved organic matter, which offer insight into production potential in unconventional reservoirs.

Optimize lateral placement by identifying organic-rich formations

The LithoFlex service uses diffuse reflectance infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy (DRIFTS) technology to estimate four main proxies—mineralogy, TOC, and kerogen maturity and density—in just 2 min from the same sample, regardless of the mud type (oil-, water-, or synthetic-based mud). By accurately identifying these proxies in a vertical well, the LithoFlex service enables you to determine the best suitable zones to drill the lateral.

Simplify formation evaluation and data monitoring and interpretation

Because the LithoFlex service uses DRIFTS technology to quantify mineralogy, TOC, and kerogen content using just one component, the amount of equipment is reduced, simplifying the formation evaluation process.

The LithoFlex service uses an innovative sample preparation process to clean and dry cuttings—with limited human interaction and without using solvent—to ensure high sample quality. Using the same powder sample throughout the evaluation workflow, the LithoFlex service provides consistent and reliable data that can be monitored and analyzed either at the wellsite or remotely by multidisciplinary teams. As a result, you can land your well with precision as well as optimize the number and location of fracturing stages.

LithoFlex formation evaluation wireline log max
This log from the LithoFlex service compares rock heterogeneity to optimize location of fracturing zones in a vertical well. The high concentration of TOC in stages two and four correlated with good production rates, guiding lateral placement.

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