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Published: 09/03/2019

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Multifactor cuttings evaluation-while-drilling service

Unlock more insights from your reservoir using wellbore cuttings. They hold a wealth of information that can help you accurately characterize geological formations, adjust the well path faster, and boost hydrocarbon recovery. The EcoFlex service extracts the maximum value from your wellbore cuttings.

  • Cuttings analysis starts with high-resolution digital microscopy to magnify your view 200 times, enhancing rock description.
  • Then, XRD automatically quantifies mineralogy with laboratory-quality accuracy, so you can determine reservoir rock makeup as you’re drilling through it.
  • Next, XRF provides near-real-time elemental data for geochemical fingerprinting, including a synthetic gamma ray to indicate depositional environment, assess production potential, and improve well-to-well correlation.

EcoFlex service helps you evaluate the heterogeneity of the geological formation for more confident operational decisions. All data obtained at the rigsite can be sent offsite to remote experts for improved decision making with fewer personnel on the rig.

Achieve more insight while drilling and maximize the value of your downhole formation evaluation with the EcoFlex service.

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