Off-Center Tool Joint Shear Ram Compliant with Upcoming Stringent Requirements

Published: 10/06/2020

Schlumberger Oilfield Services
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Testing at the Harry Cameron Technology Center in Houston was conducted before customer witnesses and DNV, an independent third party, in accordance with Schlumberger COVID-related policy and social distancing recommendations. The shear test demonstrated the BroadShear ram effectively severs wireline, electric line, and slickline, as well as casing with a diameter up to 16 in, complying with regulations taking effect in April of 2021.
United States, North America, Onshore

A consortium of customers asked Cameron to test the BroadShear off-center tool joint shear ram against a list of wireline regularly used in Gulf of Mexico applications, per tightening regulations in April 2021. In addition to the requirement for shear testing, the recent COVID-19 made it challenging for customer witnesses to be present.

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