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Systems to maximize rig safety and efficiency

Photo of 25K BOP Stack offshore

Best-in-class equipment for jackup drilling rigs and platforms to maximize rig safety, efficiency, and reliability and to minimize NPT.

Photo of 20K EVO BOP in the field

Annular BOPs

Choose from a variety of field-proven designs to fit your desired drilling application.

  • DL Annular BOP equipment
    Annular BOP

    Close on drillpipe or large tubulars without reducing operating pressure. View

  • 30-in Annular BOP
    Annular BOP

    Seal on any size pipe or no pipe, as with openhole operations. View

  • T-90 Annular BOP on shop floor.
    Short-body annular BOP

    Improve safety in your small-bore, low-pressure land drilling operations. View

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Pipe Rams

Form a reliable seal on tubulars.

  • Pipe ram 3D model
    Pipe Rams
    Fixed-size sealing of tubulars

    Form one-half of a ram cavity's seal with the packer, top seal, and ram body acting in unison. View

  • Variable-Bore Rams 3D Model
    Variable-Bore Rams
    Variable-bore rams that seal on a wide range of pipe diameters

    Enable sealing a standard BOP on several different pipe diameters. View

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Shear Rams

Provide dependable isolation or sealing of the wellbore.

  • DSI dual-string interlocking shear ram, compatible with U and UM BOPs.
    Dual-string interlocking shear rams

    Drilling and production operations that include wireline, braided cable, dual strings, or high-temperature well environments. View

  • CDVS-II Cable Double-V Shear Ram 3D Model
    Cable double-V shear rams

    Increase shear blade width compared with standard version. View

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Ram-Type BOPs

Contain wellbore pressure during critical control operations.

  • U Ram-Type BOP 3D Model
    Surface ram-type BOP

    For land, platform, and subsea applications and the widest range of sizes. View

  • UM Ram-Type BOP 3D Model
    Convertible-bonnet ram-type BOP

    Lightweight BOP designed for easy maintenance and long life. View

  • TL Ram-Type BOP 3D Model
    Offshore ram-type BOP

    Extend proven high-quality, reliable BOP design expertise to a lighter-weight design. View

  • EVO Ram-Type BOP 3D Model
    Compact, offshore ram-type BOP

    Combine engineering simplicity, footprint and operational savings, and superior reliability. View

  • 25,000-psi ram-type bop 3d model
    25,000-psi Ram-Type BOP
    Ultrahigh-pressure BOP

    High-pressure completion performance in 25K pressure environments. View

  • BroadShear ram bonnet assembly 3D Model
    Bonnet Assembly Options
    Designed specifically for our equipment

    Employ more closing force with greater certainty in a smaller footprint. View

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Drilling Manifolds and Chokes

Improved pressure and flow control in onshore and offshore applications.

  • Cement manifold equipment
    Cement Manifolds
    Designed and manufactured to your requirements

    Divert flow of cement slurry during cementing operations. View

  • Choke and Kill Manifolds 3D Model
    Choke and Kill Manifolds
    From noncorrosive to extreme sour oil and gas

    Manage well pressure fluctuations encountered during drilling. View

  • Mud Standpipe Manifold 3D Model
    Mud Standpipe Manifolds
    Full certification to global standards

    Bleed pressure, reduce shock, and divert drilling fluid flow. View

  • Employee looking at MPD Manifolds on his computer screen.
    MPD Manifolds
    Customized manifolds

    Take precise control of pressure and flow in any operation requiring a choke. View

  • CC40 choke with hydraulic stepping actuation.
    Drilling, subsea, and production

    Manage wellbore pressure to maintain control in the event of a gas kick. View

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