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Mud Standpipe Manifolds

Full certification to global standards

Manifold equipment in a manufacturing facility.

Cameron mud standpipe manifolds are designed and manufactured to customer requirements and are fully certified in accordance with the recognized oilfield equipment standards.

The mud standpipe manifold is installed downstream of the mud pumps with the purpose of diverting the flow of drilling fluids toward the drill line or drillstring. An adjustable choke can be installed to bleed pressure off the drillpipe, to reduce shock when breaking circulation in wells where loss of circulation is a problem, and to bleed off pressure between BOPs during stripping operations. Pressure ratings up to 7,500 psi are available.


  • Pressure indicator and sensor, temperature indicator and sensor, or both
  • Free-standing or with support frame
  • Range of configurations, capacities, and specifications
  • Custom single or dual designs
Mud Standpipe Manifold 3D Model