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25,000-psi Ram-Type BOP

Ultrahigh-pressure BOP

25K BOP stack in the field

In 2009, Cameron delivered the industry’s first 20,000-psi large-bore drilling BOP stack. Building on Cameron’s leading high-pressure technology, Cameron delivered the industry’s first 25,000-psi large-bore drilling BOP stack in 2010 and a second one in 2014. Today, Cameron is still the only field-proven 25,000-psi BOP technology leader.

Working pressure
25,000 psi
Close ratio
Hydraulic operating system
5,000 psi
EVO BOP–style system with wedge lock technology
API Spec 16A, 3rd Edition and ASME Section VIII, Division 3, 2010 Edition
25,000-psi ram-type bop 3d model